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   ControlDraw - Main Features

ControlDraw allows hundreds of pages of diagrams to be kept in one file and related to each other through hierarchical models and spreadsheet table

Diagrams can also contain useful data, and ControlDraw provides the means to build and add to that data, for example to generate an instruments database, control system Input/Output lists, and much more. The (MS Access) database can be automatically populated from the diagrams in a ControlDraw model.

With ControlDraw you can:

  • Draw diagrams by dragging and dropping symbols and connecting them together
  • Build Models - hierarchically linked diagrams which you can drill down from a high level overview to the smallest level of detail.
  • Draw procedural logic such as S88 Recipe procedures, Unit procedures, Operations and Phases
  • Design state oriented modules such as S88 control and equipment modules.
  • Build state matrix tables where the rows and columns in the tables are from objects in the diagrams, for example equipment state matrices.
  • Draw a diagram once and then create multiple instances of the data associated with the diagram.
  • Make polymorphic diagrams, where one diagram can cover many similar but different modules
  • Build libraries of reusable modules or objects.
  • Record data for each of the objects on your diagrams and each instance in the model,
  • Generate Complete documentation including specifications and test sheets as PDF files

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