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ControlDraw - Overview

ControlDraw combines a word processor, a  diagram processor, matrix handling and a database for the production of detailed life cycle documentation such Functional Requirements, Design and Test Specifications for Process Automation system.

It looks like a drawing program and it is, but it is as much a database. Careful construction of a model - the diagrams, the links between them, the words and the associated data, can be used to produce a complete specification for a large process control system. It is a tool for control engineers and software architects who need to communicate their ideas with the end users and the programmers. ControlDraw is a configurable system, and can be set up not only for S88, but also for other methodologies such as Astrid, continuous processes etc. In order, for example, to make S88 models the configuration is done via the Model rules and the database customisation. This configuration is stored in the model rather than code in the program itself. Strong Version management is built in.

For Continuous processes ControlDraw is an excellent system for designing modulating control loops, start-up, shutdown and interlock logic. See PDF Exports -  a Boiler Safety Shutdown system and a model showing a report based on the the ISA 5.6 documentation standard and it's examples 

With Batch processes, ControlDraw can be used to describe the physical and procedural models in accordance with the ISA S88.01 standard or similar methodologies. The ISA 5.6 documentation demo also cover this.

Discrete processes are also well within the capabilities of the product.

ControlDraw is used by process control designers in equipment and expertise suppliers and by Control Systems Integrators and by operators. See what they say about ControlDraw.

ControlDraw runs on Windows, XP, 7, 8.1 and 10

See the ControlDraw Online Manual

Main Features of ControlDraw  

Read an old review of ControlDraw - It is much improved since this was written!