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ControlDraw Videos

These are Windows Media Files or Flash- comments welcome. i
For best appearance, please set your media player video size to 100%.
The videos are real time and fairly short so you may want to use the pause button in your media player  
More Flash versions will follow 

ControlDraw Modelling Demonstrations

Start a Unit model, create an Equipment Module and use a reference model to import a Control Module
A rapid introduction to creating a new model and using a reference model. 
Add an operation or phase to the unit
This shows some of the features for drawing SFC diagrams in ControlDraw.

A Flash rolling demo of the ISA Best Glue Plant model, including the PackML State Transition diagram in simulation mode. Flash version 6 or greater required.

Modelling a  Biotech plant part 1, Part 2

Making a simple Equipment Module

ControlDraw Dynamics Demonstrations

These are movies of ControlDraw simulations, taken from the ControlDraw Dynamics model. If you have ControlDraw you can find the Dynamics.cnd model in the Samples

A Phase driving an Equipment module, this new Flash movie shows a chromatography phase that drives a chromatography Equipment Module. 

Cyclic Request Handler
Designed for a finite number of users of the resource, who request use of the resource via a boolean flag. They remove that flag when their demand no longer exists, that is when the requirement is over. The method guarantees First come at most Nth Served where N is the number of clients. But it avoids needing any form of queue and could easily be implemented in a PLC. . 

Filling Logic
This is an example showing a vessel being automatically topped up using simple on off logic.