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 Programming Services at ControlDraw


The consultant at ControlDraw writes a wide range of software. Recent examples include:

InTouch Database DDE Viewer (Visual Basic) - This was written in 2 hours on site in order to see what was happening in an InTouch system where some points (alarms mostly) are not displayed on any graphic.

Pub Dominos program (VB/Access) - This was commissioned by the local Dominos League to keep track of the league results and tables of performance, and it was used as an opportunity to learn about VB and Access in a non-commercial environment.

ControlDraw (VB/Access)

Other examples of written software, particularly that which controls or monitors systems are:-

Polymer Plants (DCS's, Continuous)
Baked Bean production (Siemens S5 PLC's , WF470, Batch)
Chocolate production (including AB PLC's/AFE, Batch)
Flour mills (GEC Gem80 with ImaGem! graphics - in association with Buhler who were writing the software)
Extrusion processes (Siemens S5 PLC's, InTouch, Semi-Continuous)
Pharmaceutical bulk and final products (AB PLC's/ SetCim)
CellTrack - Production Cell Efficiency Tracking (VB, Access, InTouch)

Consultant Francis Lovering says "What I most like about programming with VB and Windows rather than, say a DCS, is that I can work at whatever bit I need to in not just VB but in a text editor (even sometimes constructing statements with Excel) whilst at the same time viewing my program's data in Access, and documenting it in Word. Once you get used to it you can sometimes do in minutes what a person who loves to type does in hours. On the other hand you have to spend more time going on training courses, or playing, to find these things out. And now the DCS, PLC and SCADA suppliers are getting switched on to this too."

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