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Latest versions 16Oct17, ControlDraw 1296  CDReview  551



10/08/17 Updated Sample files
2016 ControlDraw is now FREE.  Yes, Really
02/05/15 Updates to ControlDraw and  Samples
Note - for the latest ControlDraw updates please use >Help >Check for Updates from the software, not all are posted on this page.
31/08/14 This website has been completely rewritten. It was out of date and had many old links that were no longer right. It has also been cleaned up whilst retaining relevant previous content.
It is now using a more modern development platform.
If you find any problems please email us.
Also the Samples, Online Help, and Manual have all been updated
15/05/14 Improved Export to Web
02/04/14 A new rightmost button on the diagram toolbar, "Toggle show symbol data" diagram toolbar
Export to web improved 
Minor bugs including Tagging scripts fixed
Multi-user site licensing improved
05/12/13 ControlDraw and  RTF Editor updated
23/10/13 ControlDraw, Reviewer and RTF Editor updated, new start option provides larger toolbars and fonts for  High Resolution Screens including Wide screen displays
07/08/13 ControlDraw, Reviewer and RTF Editor updated, new Program Updater, improved shared licensing system and minor changes
04/05/13 ControlDraw updated, data table generation now excludes classes that are not used on diagrams, better link to web pages, minor fixes, improved Program Updater 
23/04/13 ControlDraw, Reviewer and RTF Editor updated, new Program Updater and minor changes
21/03/13 ControlDraw, Reviewer and RTF Editor updated, New Find References function and more
14/02/13 Great news, we have Lowered the Price for ControlDraw
14/02/13 ControlDraw updated, now with model to web
02/12/12 ControlDraw updated
13/11/12 ControlDraw and the reviewer updated, improved print scaling, RTF editor and more
07/10/12 ControlDraw and the reviewer updated, new export to Web and much more
20/07/12 ControlDraw and the reviewer updated
You can now choose when starting up whether to have larger windows and fonts.
This fixes a problem on some PC's that have higher resolution screens and larger standard fonts where the text would not fit the buttons and labels etc. You may also like it for use with large high res monitors
13/06/12 ControlDraw updated, improved clones and more
25/05/12 ControlDraw and the reviewer updated
User requests and minor fixes
07/05/12 ControlDraw updated
Improved simulation, variants setting and more
12/03/12 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated
When a variant tagname was longer than the master and the text to the left of a symbol the tagname now retains its right position instead of spilling into the symbol.
Symbol Controls Trace function new Trace Outputs same signal and Trace Inputs same signal.
13/12/11 ControlDraw updated:Minor fixes and improvements that were requested, and 
a New way of creating Diagrams, Draw by List.
Type Tags into a  list and generate a diagram automatically (at present this is very much in development )
12//11/11 ControlDraw updated with new Class Hierarchy and Field Inherits Map
Also online and offline help updated
25/10/11 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated-
Faster ways to create variants and set them, new special symbols and more
28/07/11 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated- Reviewer can now include Hidden Symbols plus minor improvments to ControlDraw 
09/06/11 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated. Sample models updated
23/05/11 ControlDraw updated with much faster diagram load and unload and new Hidden Symbols - see here for details
16/05/11 ControlDraw updates:
Improved and faster Recipe Defer and Descended object functions
16/0211 ControlDraw and Reviewer updates:
ControlDraw Instance field scripts faster and more informative plus various minor improvements and fixes.
Reviewer now supports Linked document Hyperlinks with an alternative path tp the one in the model
09/01/11 ControlDraw updated, Complete update much faster for large models, more info in the File manager and minor improvements
11/11/10 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated- Paste special as pages and symbols now works with multi-line symbosl text plus some minor requested fixes
10/09/10 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated- New Hover Mode for quickly viewing/editing objects, Reviewer now support document hyperlinks
21/07/10 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated, new quick page RTF Text view in the reviewer, greatly improved web and document hyperlinks
06/07/10 Minor version updated from 5 to 6 following the recent improvements. New Network Licensing possible, contact for details, plus Minor improvements
29/05/10 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated- further improved Descended Objects and new Recipe Parameter map making it much easier to define and review the Parameter Defers. Updated Help and Manual
12/04/10 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated- more Tag Balloon types, improved Descended Objects
06/04/10 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated, with great new Tag Balloons. 
These appear separately from the object in a variety of shapes and are like ISA tags on P&IDs'.
Tag balloons are auto sized and split the first letters before the number part and the remainder.
29/03/10 ControlDraw updated, Various improvements and some minor fixes, updated set of sample models,
07/02/10 ControlDraw updated, (minor) plus Setup package updated with new Code signing (last one had expired)
01/12/09 ControlDraw updated, Paste Variants so you can quickly create variants, improved history logging and more.
Reviewer updated so you can size the columns in the page change history.
04/11/09 ControlDraw updated, you can now set the Auto Link positions for each text position
17/10/09 New button FName on the File Manager, this runs the File Name Copier, which is also updated..
ControlDraw updated, 
Other minor issue (eg split connections in variants) resolved
06/09/09 ControlDraw updated, some small fixes and Matrix Links view showing all matrix to symbol links. Small valve shapes were difficult to drag.
Tagging Scripts can now be used for RealTags and Field values and there are more options
11/08/09 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated, several small fixes, transposed user queries, Control over the Jumps when connections cross and various improvements including Print All Instances with External Tags and with Instance data.
07/07/09 Purchasing ControlDraw - 10 years in business special offer (this has now ended) 
To celebrate 10 years in business there is currently a special offer, which is reflected temporary low prices.
And there new Starter Licenses at even lower prices, along with Student and Personal ultra lost cost licenses
And you can now buy online using Google Checkout.
18/05/09 ControlDraw Updated - new function >View > Matrix Data Table >Matrix as Boolean (or Boolean Comma Sep or Integer, Hex or Octal).
This provides a list of the values of the rows in the matrix the required format along with the mapping of the bits to the device settings. This assists with the generation of the bit mapping code and data for efficiently programming equipment state matrices in, for example PLC's. 
12/05/09 ControlDraw and the Online manual and the PDF Manual Updated 
26/6/09 ControlDraw updated. Improved performance and Help, and many new minor but useful improvements such as better Cross Referencing, making split links in SFC's enter the Step on the left, ability to hide Tagnames and links in variants and more. Download and see the Version history for details 
13/04/09 ControlDraw and Reviewer updated. Added a new ControlDraw Modelling Flash demo showing how to make an equipment module

Plus a new demonstration model showing State Based Control of a distillation unit

23/03/09 ControlDraw 3 updated with improved symbol data, variants and new Recipe Equipment Requirements enumeration from a Recipe Procedure (or lower level) diagram
11/03/09 A complete updated set of sample models, including the latest reference model and a new Process Flowsheet example showing how process data can be attached to symbols and tabulated.
There is also an update and a new complete Setup for ControlDraw
25/02/09 ControlDraw 3 updated - Page Settings, more cross referencing, Copy signal styles from one to many others, quicker setting of class including for groups plus make multiple child pages for a Group.
Print and Review updated to improve page changes report
29/12/08 ControlDraw 3 updated with improved SetState functions and more
Print and Review updated to improve diagram compares and with new Print variants table option
21/11/08 Evias in Germany can now supply ControlDraw models and support ControlDraw users